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Joe Scarborough Continues to Release Music, Drops New Album ‘Freaks Love Freaks’

SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 by admin

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Scarborough Music/Facebook

On Friday, “Morning Joe” host and favorite musical act of indie pop band Haim, Joe Scarborough, did the only thing he might like more than slamming President Donald Trump at 6 a.m. on a weekly basis: He released some new tunes.

The former Florida representative shared on Twitter that his new EP titled “Freaks Love Freaks” — which features a clown on the cover — is out and ready for everyone’s eager ears:

Freaks Love Freaks is up! Listen now:

“Mika says it’s about us more than any love song. Maybe it’s the @TMZ reference?” tweeted Scarborough, who told Rolling Stone his musical sound is “a mix between Stars and New Pornographers.”

Just released “Freaks Love Freaks”. Mika says it’s about us more than any love song. Maybe it’s the @TMZreference? 

“Freaks Love Freaks” marks Scarborough’s second musical release this year. Back in June, he put out “Mystified,” which Variety said sounds like the MSNBC host trying to be the “GOP Lou Reed.”

You can listen to the latest Scarborough release here, and watch the video for the song “Mystified” below: